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hello my brothers and sisters! My name is charlie and ive been a satanist for a year now, and a witch for four. Ive learned so much and still have much to learn. But since ive put more focus into my practice and beliefs, there has been such an improvement in my life. It was truly a spiritual awakening for me. For when i first started witchcraft, i tried the wiccan path. i soon found oit that was not the match for me, as i did not see eye to eye with most of it. i tried athiestic witchcraft and focused my energy on nature and the earth. it was going well but still, something didnt feel quite right. then my curiosity grew even more with satanism and found where i truely belong. i actually have felt satan calling to me years before, but at the time i didnt know what to make of it. I was an athiest then so i dismissed the thoughts and feeling. but as time went on, imagery of satanism kept showing up in my life and led me where i am today. i am extremly happy for finally waking up to where i was truly meant to be. and that is with father satan! ave satanas!! ⛧


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