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Lake of Fire: Road to 666 ASMR

I preformed a ritual last evening , I summoned the deity Mictian. The main purpose of this ritual was to ask for guidance as I have had some issues arise in my personal life that has lead me to seek out a new career course. The work that I do as a first responder has reached a point to where I feel that Inhave done all that I can do for the community and I am now ready to move forward in my life’s journey. During my chat to Mictain I was given a vision of the lake of fire. Though it looked painful want for more. In this vivid vision of the lake of fire I could see my flesh burning away but also see myself being reborn , becoming strong than I would have even been among the living. The message that I must deliver to you all is that the lake of fire is where we shall shed our earthly leash and be reborn in our next phase as Satanist. This is Satan’s gift to us all and a high achievement if only that we continue to spread his word. Let the world know that Satanism is here to stay. Mictain informed me that all of my personal issues will be resolved. Getting this message out to you all is the first step in my journey. Ave Satanas Ave Domini Inferni ,All Hail Satan!

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