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I am a Satanist and I Love and Hate Part 2: Love

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Devils I hope you guys are all well! Part 2 of Love and Hate was released and at the end of the video, I wanted to hear about you guys and how you have experienced Love from family , friends and relationships in your lives and you deal with issues such as heart breaks , break ups or friendships that sour for whatever reason as a Satanist. Many people may believe just because were satanist , that we are all evil hate mongers and that is nothing like who we are , we are regular people who deal with emotions like the next person. We satanist , if you're atheistic or theistic satanist or any faction of the Left Hand Path we all have a story to tell in our personal journey. Please feel free to share in the comment section below. I am A Satanist and I Love and I Hate and today were are going to share our thoughts about Love,

I am A Satanist and I Love and I Hate Part 2: LOVE

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