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Satanic Sex Episode 1: I am a Satanist and I embrace Satanic Sex!

Updated: May 20, 2020

*Warning this blog contains sensitive material and may not be suitable for all viewers, viewer discretion is strongly advised!*

Several weeks ago on Instagram I made several post on my Satanic Lives Matter accounts. Due to the nature of the content that was posted it may have offended some individuals. That was not at all my intent nor do I advocate any sexual deviance toward others. As satanist it is our religious right to embrace satanic sex and enjoy the pleasure of the flesh with mutual respect and consent between adults and those who are of legal consenting age. With being a separate space free from the censorship policies of Instagram , YouTube and other social media platforms, I am making this post again to help educate fellow satanist about embracing satanic sex just as long as you are an adult and of legal consenting age to do so at your own free will.

We are Satanist, we indulge in any activity that does not cause harm to others or disrupts the law in any way. As Satanist we are peace keeping individuals who will be feared and hated for our beliefs simply because others will not take the time to understand us for who we are and what we represent.

Satanic sex is a given right to any satanist who chooses to engage in the activity with a single partner or multiple partners just as long as mutual consent is given and each others boundaries are respected. It is also important to make sure that you or your partner is of legal age of consent as it could be deemed as statutory rape in most states within the United States of America. If you are within another country you may want to check your countries or local providence laws on age of consent before you engage in any activity that may be deemed as criminal.

There are a great number of satanic sex rituals that can be preformed with your partner or partners as outlined in the Satanic Bible and other forms of satanic literature that you can seek out in order to perform your ritual. Satanic Sex done with the required materials and people can lead to a amazing sexual experience as mentioned in the the Satanic Bible. Some may even engage in Satanic Sex to please a deity or preform self sex as you may be having satanic sex with a deity through a deep spiritual connection. Its best to get protection whenever you have sex with your partner(s) as STD's and STI's are a clear and present danger to your health and too others. Sex rituals can be preformed by yourself, with a partner or with multiple partners. Each sex ritual has different meanings and results that can vary depending on your particular ritual in mind. Satanic Sex can be done purely for pleasure and indulgence and may not require the need of a ritual in order to preform the activity.

Satanic Lives Matter is not encouraging anyone to engage in any sexual activity that he or she may feel is not their place to do so. Satanic Lives Matter is not encouraging anyone who is not of legal consenting age to engage in any sexual activity. For any member of Satanic Lives Matter who chooses to engage in Satanic Sex, you are doing so on your own time , space and free will and you are not representing Satanic Lives Matter but your individual self and you desire of Satanic Sex.

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